Corporates, Sports Day, School Fetes, Private Parties......

When creating a great experience and a great memory it helps to have all the right tools. We certainly have a great selection of those. Games to suit everyone from 2 to 100, friends, family, dads, mums, bubs, work associates, clubs, charities, churches, fetes, festivals, exhibitions the list is endless!!! Here are just a few package ideas for your next event. 

Tiny Tots 'Colour My World'

Kids love our colourful and playful animal hoppers, add another bright and colourful balance beam to your package and they can enjoy a mini track race with their favourite hopper character. If its more excitement they need we have a twin roller coaster ride that kids go wild for! It just keeps getting more colourful with our final piece to this great package our giant parachute and play balls.

Student 'Unite'

Your team will build a Giant Connect a Chute and then strategically take a ball and balance it along the chute careful not to drop it before it has made a complete journey around the chute, Challenging! From here you will build the biggest tower with our Giant Tumbling Bricks, steady hands are required to complete this task! It takes skill to master our croqkick course and all within a designated time.  Focus is the key! You can now reward yourself and your team with a game of soccer played with our Giant Soccer Ball. All the games can be enjoyed for any free play time on successful completion of your 'Unite' exercise.  

Corporate 'Entertainment'

Entertain your guests with a Giant style Jenga (Giant Tower Block), Giant Mega 4, Putt PUtt Pool, Giant Chess/Checkers and Giant Playing Cards. 'The Premier Entertainment Package '

Tiny Tots 'Construction Zone'

The 'Construction Zone' allows little imaginations to run free - Building materials supplied for their building project are an 84 piece Giant Lego set , Giant colourful tumbling blocks, Giant geometric foam shapes, knock em all over with a Giant inflatable ball and start again! Kids love it!!! 

Student 'Great Race'

A relay race like no other! Belly Bumper your way to the first post, go 'Hopping mad' to the second, 'Funky feet' to the third and the final stretch with a team mate on our amazing 'Buddy Walkers'. Its the 'Great Race'  

Corporate 'Sport'

Its not sport if your not being a sport! and being a sport requires you to have some Serious Fun!! Our double sack races will have you in stitches (that's if the stitching doesnt come undone in your mad dash to the finish line!) Also includes our Hopping Mad or Giant Pony Hops, Buddy walkers and some skillful moves with our Giant Inflatable Ball pkg (includes field markers) "Come on, be a Sport!"

Tiny Tots 'Big Top'

Your very own 'Big Top' tent style 6m Parachute with lots of colourful and playful goodies to juggle in the air...and one Giant 'Big Top' Ball. 

Student 'Party Time'

Let the party begin! with some Belly Bumping fun, loosen up those limbs for some garden limbo or our Giant Ball Challenge. Have a hopping mad time or just get knotted and tangled up with your best friends on our Giant Get knotted mat game. Seriously Funny!

Corporate 'Team Bonding'

You choose the team and we'll bond them together through a series of fun filled projects and activities. Try our amazing Team Walkers, Giant Tower or Giant Lego building project, Team Run Mat and our 9m Parachute Roller Ball Challenge (Includes one enormous Cageball) and there you have it, 'Mission Accomplished'

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